MB Info

Next Monday, 4/27 is the date we will unveil the 2020 show production, email out music, and open the online registration.  See details below!

** Show Reveal on Monday:  Rising Seniors (class of 2021) will get to go first (12:00 noon), as is our tradition at Kell.  EVERYONE ELSE: you will have two options to log in–1:00 or 2:00 PM.  Links are below.  Students and parents are invited to watch the approx. 30-minute presentation and discussion.  Please leave your mic muted during the presentation!  If you can’t make either of the zoom meetings, the teaser trailer for the show will be on KBBA.org starting on 4/27.  We are so excited!

Mon 4/27
12:00 Zoom (class of 2021 ONLY):
Password: 2020mb
1:00 Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/94856125480?pwd=Y2xoNm9oTWF4aldiTmNxMzZDNUh1Zz09
Password: 2020mb
2:00 Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/91188002345?pwd=a1hieXJZZlVCRUZsdmpxNHBRZGV4UT09
Password: 2020mb

** Music:  Students, I will send an email out at 3:00 PM on Monday 4/27 with links to a Dropbox folder, where you can download your show music and audio files that play YOUR part with a click track so you can practice!

** Registration information:  The online registration will be on KBBA.org on Monday 4/27.  Please have your health insurance card handy.  Filling out the registration forms takes approx.10 minutes.  (Slightly longer to read if you’re trying it on your phone, but it IS possible to do on a phone).