Lots of Upcoming Events

Please stay informed and updated. Lots of exciting events coming up!

1. Kell Bands Assignment #5 “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.”  These assignments are for students who want to continue raising their grade, OR for students who just want to keep doing band stuff. 🙂  Due Thursday 4/23 at 5PM.  Enjoy!  https://forms.gle/b5tmoVgRsoLifmwf6

2. Upcoming Dates.  Mark your calendars, please– details will come soon!
** Fri April 24 Student Leadership Team Announced

** Mon April 27 Marching Band Show reveal on zoom!/ music emailed out/ registration forms available online

** Wed April 29 Senior (Class of 2020) get-together on zoom! (2 PM)

** Fri May 8 Marching Band registration forms due

** Thurs May 14 Virtual Spring Concert
** Fri May 15 Virtual Spring Awards Banquet

Details will come later this week about the 2020 MB show reveal and online registration happening next Monday 4/27.  

Have a great week!